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GMRS-50X1 – 50 Watt GMRS Mobile Radio from BTECH is Released

A High Power 50 Watt GMRS Mobile Radio from BTECH is Released

BTECH announced today the North American release of the BTECH GMRS-50X1. The GMRS-50X1 follows in similar footsteps and abilities found in our handheld GMRS radio the BTECH GMRS-V1.


There was a huge void for users in that, an affordable fully functional GMRS mobile radio has never been available. BTECH took the initiative to engineer that very radio with feedback from the GMRS community. Our mission was to have the simplest  GMRS mobile radio that can easily be used on all GMRS mobile radio channels, while being able to add features not seen on any GMRS radio before! With our team of engineers and designers, along with our BETA users throughout the GMRS community – we were able to accomplish it AND we are able to provide it all while costing less than any other high powered GMRS mobile radio!

More than just a GMRS Mobile Radio

The GMRS-50X1 is a 50 Watt GMRS mobile radio compatible with all brands of FRS and GMRS radios. It is also compatible with GMRS repeaters. Channels are wideband and narrowband compatible. The GMRS-50X1 is also a VHF and UHF scanning receiver capable of adding additional channels for receive only (such as NOAA weather and other channels of interest).

Three Power Levels: Depending on the channel used; you can select from High (50W), Mid (20W), and Low (5W) power settings.

The GMRS-50X1 is compatible with all CTCSS (PL Tone) and DCS (DPL Tones) privacy tones from any other brand of walkie talkies. You can easily scan and select the tone needed to transmit and filter to hear only the conversations you want to hear!

Another innovation, borrowed from our X-Series line, is using ‘Quad Watch’: The GMRS-50X1 operates as multiple radios in one, with a channel selected as the primary channel; while simultaneously watching up to 3 other frequencies or channels. You can simplify the radio to only watch one or two channels as well. The GMRS-50X1 includes dual sync display which allows for displaying both a channel’s name and frequency simultaneously.

We understand the importance of being able to program the radios on the fly. The BTECH mobile radios allow full programmability from tones, bandwidth, settings, and the channel name all without a PC. If you want to go in-depth modifying the radio – PC programmability is still available, allowing advanced tone setting modifications and easy scanner channel imports using CHIRP.

The GMRS-50X1 it also has a standard mono 3.5mm audio out jack to allow easy use with your favorite audio environment.

Channel List Overview

GMRS channels are setup in the standardized FRS/GMRS flow. Channels 1-22 are non-repeater channels coordinating with the GMRS channel list and channels 23-30 are GMRS repeater channels.

Channel List:


* Per FCC GMRS Radio Guidelines; Channels 1-7 are limited to Low Power – 5watt output

**Per FCC GMRS Mobile Radio Guidelines Channels 8-14 transmitting is disabled; they can receive and monitor communications, but GMRS mobile radios cannot transmit on these channels.


Pricing and Availability

The GMRS-50X1 is available today. Pricing starts at $179. You can order direct from Amazon or BTECH at: baofengtech.com/gmrs-50×1

About BTECH 

BTECH is headquartered in Arlington, SD with distributors and partners around the globe. For more information see www.baofengtech.com.


Do you have feedback on this article? We are always open to feedback from our loyal customers! If you have a suggestion or comment, please send it to us at: support@baofengtech.com



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