• How Repeaters Work ?
  • How to be Ready When a Disaster Strikes – Amateur Radio
  • ARRL Centennial Points Challenge, W1AW WAS Awards Application Window Open
  • Airspy advanced open-source software defined radio receiver
  • ZL7 / F8FUA Chatham Islands  – IOTA OC-038
  • Icom IC-2730A vs IC-2720
  • Simple Multi-Band Vertical Dipole by DJ0IP
  • CW PLAYER 4.4.0 – Freeware to learn and train the Morse Code
  • Can you read me? Boy Scouts send a message with a new merit badge
  • Understanding SWR by Example
  • GB1SS: Tim Peake and Amateur Radio on the ISS
  • The ARRL Repeater Directory (Pocket-size)
  • CQ World-Wide WPX Contest  – Rules
  • 7Q7AA – Malawi
  • HT of the Future – HAMRADIONOW.tv


How Repeaters Work ?

  What’s the most popular band and operation mode in amateur radio? If you guessed 2 meter VHF FM, you would be correct. As new hams, our first radio is usually a small handheld model. This is a great way to get started in ham radio an... Read more




App - Mobile

The World Wide Repeater Directory

  RT Sytems and RFinder – The World Wide Repeater Directory bring integrated routing to radio progamming! Once again RFinder and RT Systems have partnered to kick radio programming up a notch.  The latest update to RT Systems inc... Read more