Above 50MHz

CS-750 DMR Radio

CS-750 DMR Radio

CS-750 The case and accessories are the same as the CS-700 The Radio and software are very different Good Audio with adjustment in the software Join the fastest growing digital network! Buy your DMR radio from TMRF and we will program it with your call sign and ID so al... Read more




Digital Modes

  • New Hy-Gain Dual Band 4 Element 6/4m
  • End-Fed Antennas – The Doctor Will See You Now! ARRL
  • Antenna Yagi MB8 15-20 Separate Feed line – MomoBeam
  • Paradan Radio Antenna Disconnect
  • VHF/UHF antenna polarization and testing
  • Radials on Vertical Antenna Systems
  • JK402-PICCOLO    2 Elements on 40M / 18 Foot Boom
  • All-Band 80-10 Meter End-Fed Half-wave Antennas – MFJ 1982,1984
  • SteppIR UrbanBeam Yagi antenna
  • 6-160 Meter Alpha S9 Spun Fiberglass Antenna
  • Chameleon Portable HF  Antenna Deployment Configurations
  • G3TXQ 6 Band Hexbeam 40m single element add on kit
  • HF Loop Antennas – ARRL The Doctor is In [ PodCast ]
  • Universal DIY Carbon VHF Yagi Antenna
  • Tape Measure Yagi Beam Antenna – Ham Radio Q&A
  • Pro-Loop Antenna Kits – ZMXloop
  • Topband: Webinar – Waller Flag RX Antenna 101 – How to Construct a WF
  • Stealth Antennas [ PodCast ] – Everything Ham Radio
  • The New Hy-Gain BOLP-1013 Band Optimised Log Periodic Array by G0KSC


60 meters DX  by W8GEX – Updates

NEW COUNTRIES: Polynesia TX5X I will trade from late May to early August in Polynesia, from Tahiti and from the Leeward and Windward Islands in fixed and Maritime Mobile with the special call sign: TX5X. Traffic planned from 3.5 to 28 Mhz,... Read more




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