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  • IOTA Directory – 50th Anniversary Edition
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  • Ham College – The Pilot by AmateurLogic.TV [ Video ]
  • BOXA-LOAD 50 Ohm RF Dummy Load
  • Hendricks QRP Kits – BitX20A and BitX17A
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  • Solar Storm Forecast 11-27-2014 [ VIDEO ]
  • EXChat – A sentence-mode radio chat system that works like phone texting
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  • Time to Tune Up on Top Band: The ARRL 160 Meter Contest is December 5-7
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BOXA-LOAD 50 Ohm RF Dummy Load

  Product Description 50 Ohm RF Dummy Load   An essential piece of equipment in any radio shack, the BOXA-LOAD is a 50 Ohm dummy load. VSWR better than 1.1:1 from 0 – 30MHz. The BOXA-LOAD includes a built-in LED RF indicator to s... Read more



Ham Radio Deluxe – November Update

Ham Radio Deluxe The HRD team is pleased to announce a new website at http://www.ham-radio-deluxe.com. In order to provide easy access to information regarding the many features available with Ham Radio Deluxe, our website reflects a format... Read more


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