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Morse Runner v1.68 for MacOS

Morse Runner is a Windows-based contest simulator developed by Alex Shovkoplyas, VE3NEA. Using Wineskin, it has been successfully and seamlessly run under OSX, and made available by Detrick Merz, KI4STU for download. Sure, you could use Win... Read more


Above 50MHz

Overview of 50 MHz status in ITU Region 1  (2016)

IARU Region 1 has issued a new version of their Overview of 50 MHz Status document dated Feb 13, 2016 It shows which Region 1 countries currently have an allocation at 50 MHz. 0-54 MHz Category: Spectrum Published: Sunday, 15 March 2009 15:20 Written by ON4AVJ Hits: 283... Read more


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Digital Modes

JT65 ‐HF Operator’s Guide

JT65 An introduction to JT65: A weak‐signal high frequency digital mode WSJT modes of di it l digital communi ti ca on were ori i ll g na y dl d eve oped by Joe T l ay or (K1JT) in 2001 as a method of communicating via radio in conditions w... Read more

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  • The New Hy-Gain BOLP-1013 Band Optimised Log Periodic Array by G0KSC
  • TETRA 15-17-20-40 m  – Yagi Antenna
  • Touch Screen Antenna Controller
  • Cheap, Quick, Easy to Build, Works Great QRP Portable Antenna!
  • Building A Multi-Band HF Dipole Antenna
  • MONO 3 40 MOXON
  • Vertical Dipole Array by OH1TV
  • W4OP Loop Antenna
  • A New Way to compare HF antennas
  • Momobeam MB17 10/15/20/40 m – Yagi Antenna


4U1UN Reactivation Continue

United Nations Headquarters Amateur Radio club station 4U1UN representatives are still in talks with the UN Department of Public Information with an eye toward permanently reactivating the station. Although within the geographical confines... Read more




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