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The New CommRadio CTX-10 QRP

CommRadio CTX-10 The CommRadio CTX-10 blends high performance, internal SDR technology, high efficiency circuit design, compact size and simple operation. This multi-mission QRP radio is ideal for field use and emergency operations. Transmi... Read more

Above 50MHz

Hytera X1P – Two Way Radio ( VHF and UHF )

    Hytera X1p two way radio, ultra-thin full power keypad digital portable radio, complies fully with ETSI open standard. Perfect combination of structural rigidity, versatile functionalities, and refined design; secure communication ensured by AES encryption algo... Read more




EnzoLog – The first Web Log

  Cap. 1 – History of the Birth and First Page  Birth story Enzo are Cuppone (IT9GCG) OM since December 2007, from the start, after two years of radio listeners “illegal” and forced, I threw myself on the HF and I had... Read more

  • Touch Screen Antenna Controller
  • Cheap, Quick, Easy to Build, Works Great QRP Portable Antenna!
  • Building A Multi-Band HF Dipole Antenna
  • MONO 3 40 MOXON
  • Vertical Dipole Array by OH1TV
  • W4OP Loop Antenna
  • A New Way to compare HF antennas
  • Momobeam MB17 10/15/20/40 m – Yagi Antenna
  • The W8JK is a famous and effective DX Antenna
  • Ham College 24 : Antennas and more questions from the Technician pool
  • 4 element 50MHz LFA-Q Yagi (4m)
  • Wire log periodic HF antennas –  LP 1530-W
  • 8 EL. DELTA LOOP 144 MHz (144DL8) – SMARTECH
  • Five Band Indoor Magnetic Loop Aerial by G4IZH
  • WSPRLite first impressions –  Antenna Performance Analysis System
  • Triband Receiving Loop for 160/80/40m by AC0C
  • Antenna MULTI BEAMING remote Controller by OK2ZAW & DM5XX
  • Super Versa Xseries Antenna [ Japan ]  11 and 8 elemets HF Antenna
  • Home Brew Lightning Disconnector [ Video ]


Global QSL – How it works?

How it works? Due to technical improvements in the printing industry, and “high tech” modern technology and facilities used by Global QSL, allows us to give you an unprecedented service. All you have to do is subscribe, design y... Read more




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