PiHPSDR Controller – Apache Labs

The PiHPSDR Controller is a stand-alone interface for the ANAN/OpenHPSDR Hermes SDRs, it is ideal for mobile applications and for users who prefer physical knobs and buttons, and it eliminates the need for a Computer to run the ANAN/OpenHPS... Read more


Above 50MHz

New UHF ISS Digipeater!

New UHF ISS Digipeater!

“Recently, the old VHF Ericsson handheld used for the digipeater on the ISS died and it was replaced with an equivalent UHF one. This is my first time digipeating through it. I also tried to make my first contact through it. I successfully sent a message to the di... Read more




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Digital Modes

  • CHA EMCOMM III Base – 3.5-30 MHz
  • John Stanford, KF6I at SteppIR Antennas
  • Indoor Attic Dipole Antenna for Ham Radio & CQ Antennas Center Insulators
  • C3S-JK – 2 Elements on 20M / 2 Elements on 15M / 2 Elements on 10M / 12 Foot Boom
  • “Antenna Wire” is the topic of the latest  episode of the “ARRL The Doctor is In”
  • A Dualband 50/70MHz Yagi with single feedpoint – 5/7 (12) element 144/70MHz Yagi (2.4m)
  • Log Periodic Dipole Array 13 element 10MHz – 54MHz High Performance LPD
  • CX-AUTO Switch – Kessler Engineering, LLC
  • Rotators + Controller Rot1prog USB are smal, medium ideal for use with HEXBEAM
  • Jim W6LG Shows How He Connects 2 HF Antennas at the Same Time
  • Comparing Elevated 1/4w Vertical vs. Link Dipole with WSPR
  • New log periodic array from InnovAntennas with parasitic element enhancement
  • RigExpert AA-30.Zero – HF Antenna Analyzer (0.6 TO 30 MHZ)
  • Antenna DUO8 15-20 separate feed – Momobeam
  • New InnovAntennas Quads
  • Which is better: Vertical or Dipole?
  • Moonraker Ltd Whizz Loops 13-428
  • NVIS: Near Vertical Incidence Skywave [ PodCast ]
  • Dual-Band THUNDERBOLT® Vertical Antennas DXE-8040VA-1
  • Introducing the SDA 2000 OptimizIR


World Cup 2018 Football Ham Radio Marathon

June 1 – July 15, 2018 will be a radio marathon dedicated to World Cup in Russia. All countries, members of FIFA, are invited to participate in the radio marathon with the formation of special callsigns. It is recommended that countries par... Read more



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