238C 2KW High Power Antenna Tuner

  238C 2KW High Power Antenna Tuner Model 238C now features a large cross needle SWR and peak reading power output meter. Model 238C uses our tried and true L match design used in the earlier 238 238A 238B models with a new cosmetic de... Read more

Above 50MHz

Baofeng Pofung UV-6R Dual-Band

Baofeng Pofung UV-6R Dual-Band  Description: The UV-6R is a new design from Baofeng company in 2015 The UV-6R is using the newest firmware HDBF230 which developed by Baofeng to fix the bugs (such as External speakers without voice) in the UV-5R firmware BFB297. Quick Ov... Read more


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Digital Modes

FSQCALL – New Digital Mode

A Directed Messaging System for FSQ Introducing FSQCall Sending text using FSQ is generally very reliable, certainly more so than other digital modes that use no error correction. It is also very ‘slick’ (quick to tune, fast typ... Read more

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60 meters DX  by W8GEX – Updates

NEW COUNTRIES: Polynesia TX5X I will trade from late May to early August in Polynesia, from Tahiti and from the Leeward and Windward Islands in fixed and Maritime Mobile with the special call sign: TX5X. Traffic planned from 3.5 to 28 Mhz,... Read more




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