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  • AM Radio History
  • Chesterfield Island DXpedition, 2015 (OC-176)
  • HamCom Just Got A Whole Lot Bigger!
  • ARRL Simulated Emergency Test Set for October 4-5 Weekend
  • Amateur Radio — in times of trouble or just for fun
  • Diamond Antenna  HF-V8040 V-DIPOLE
  • Installation of  F5UKW  AntennaDinamica 4EL Special
  • RRC-Nano – Ham Radio App for Android
  • Choosing a Ham Radio
  • RigExpert Antenna Analyzers AA-30 and AA-54
  • Icom T70A -HD Overview by K7AGE
  • ÖVSV involved in the negotiations with BMVIT to create a new Amateur Radio Act (AFG)
  • Now All QRZnow Content in Several Languages
  • Brazil proposes 5275 kHz to 5450 kHz international  allocation for Amateur Service
  • SmartSDR for Windows


SmartSDR for Windows

SmartSDR for Windows

The Next Generation SDR software for the Next Generation SDR SmartSDR™ for Windows sets a new bar for visual radio display and interactive control. Following the simple is better rule, we built a new graphical user interface that is easy to... Read more


AM Radio History

AM Radio History

AM Radio History The technology of amplitude modulation (AM) radio transmission was developed during the two decades from 1900 to 1920. Before this, the first radios transmitted information by wireless telegraphy, in which the radio signal... Read more


SAC Contest 2014 – Rules

SAC Contest Scandinavian Activity Contest Rules 2014sac Rules for all participants 1. Aim of the contest The aims of the contest are to promote amateur radio activity within Scandinavia as well as to encourage amateur radio communications b... Read more




AnyTone AT-5888UV III Tri-Band

AnyTone AT-5888UV III Frequency Range:       Left Side RX/TX   136-174 MHz, 200-260 MHz, 400-490 MHz   Left Side RX Only   AM: 108-134 MHz (Airband)   Right Side RX/TX   136-174 MHz, 400-490 MHz   Right Side RX Only   AM: 108-134 MHz (Airba... Read more

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