• 4 element 70Mhz 4m Yagi LFA-R
  • SPE Expert 2K-FA Linear Amplifier
  • Two Danish CubeSats with Amateur Radio Payloads Launched from ISS
  • R&S®M3TR Software Defined Radios – 1.5MHz to 512MHz
  • V85/VE3LA Brunei
  • W3EDP Antenna
  • Locating the source of local HF interference
  • Airspy Low Cost High Performance SDR – REVISION 2 RELEASED
  • EI8GQB & EI1A –  Green Energy Station
  • New OSCAR Satellite Status Page
  • AmsatDroid FREE – APP
  • 80 Meter Shortened Inverted-L Bazooka Antenna
  • TX3X Chesterfield Islands 2015 – Updates
  • Alternative sites for Hamvention proposed


SPE Expert 2K-FA Linear Amplifier

SPE Expert 2K-FA Product Specifications The smallest in its class. Built-in Power supply and Automatic Antenna Tuner. Dimension: L 38, H 18.3, P 43 cm (14.96” W, 7.20” H,16.93” D) (connettors included). Weight: approx: 59.5 lbs (27 kg). The... Read more



California QSO Party (CQP)

The California QSO Party (CQP) is held every year on the first weekend of October.  The first CQP took place in 1966. Since 1974, the Northern California Contest Club (NCCC) has sponsored CQP.  CQP has traditionally opened the annual contes... Read more



OpenSDR v 3.2.28

OpenSDR v 3.2.28

OpenSDR Hockley Esssex, United Kingdom, 4th October 2015, Waters & Stanton Europe’s Ham store confirm the release of OpenSDR v 3.2.28 which compliments the Apache Labs SDR Radio products. The new release has enhancements to the Radio As... Read more

App - Mobile

AmsatDroid FREE – APP

This software predicts future passes for amateur radio satellites for a specified location and period of time. Basic features: – Calculate passes for up to the next 24 hours – Graphical pass display – Map view showing curr... Read more

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